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About the Breed


Back in 1985, breeder Francie Stull had a revolutionary idea: combine dogs from Borzoi and Whippet show and coursing lines with a multigenerational line of small Whippet x Sheltie Lurchers, and create a brand new breed. The result was the Silken Windhound: an elegant, medium-sized sighthound, equally comfortable in the show ring and on the field.

Silken Windhounds, also known as “Silkens” are typically 18-24 inches at the shoulder when fully grown. They have easy-to-care-for long, silky coats and come in a variety of sighthound color combinations. They are fairly low-maintenance dogs, as they require little grooming.

Silkens are a truly versatile breed. Keen to please, Silkens will work eagerly and will form strong bonds with their owners if trained using rewards and affection in short sessions. Known for participating in the show ring, lure coursing, and straight and oval racing, Silkens also regularly compete in flyball, agility, rally, obedience, scent work and weight pull. They are also well-suited to therapy dog work. 

Silkens tend to live healthy, active lives, most surviving into their teen years. Like other sighthounds, Silkens need daily exercise and room to run, but indoors they tend to be quiet and well-behaved -- more likely to nap on the couch than to create havoc. 

Silkens are known for their confidence and affectionate nature. Given their friendliness, they do not make good guard dogs, but do make wonderful family pets. Most members of this charming breed would rather be with their humans than anywhere else.

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